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Redeemer Classical Academy is first and foremost a Christian institution. We are founded on the rock of the historic Christian faith. More narrowly, it is an Evangelical organization committed to the Doctrines of the Protestant Reformation. The Academy is concerned with teaching students about God, about Creation and about all things from a Christian worldview.

Redeemer Classical Academy is founded on the belief that Christ is the point of integration for all of life. For from him and through him and to him are all things (Romans 11:36). This means that all learning and all education is connected to Jesus Christ. This means that even a discipline like biology is from Christ; it should be explored through him and it is ultimately done for him and for his glory. Students of the Academy are being equipped and shaped to see all of life with a Christian worldview.


Redeemer Classical Academy is committed to the Classical approach to education.

This is a historic approach to education that is rigorous, disciplined, and rooted in the history of Western Civilization. With a classical education, the student progresses through three stages of learning called the Trivium – Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Following Dorothy Sayers’ approach, we align these three elements with the stages of child development. The grammar stage comes first and focuses on memorization and immersion into the material. This lines up with the first five grades where children are best equipped to memorize. The second stage, logic, comes when the student is most inquisitive and argumentative and wants to know why things are the way they are. We lean into this and teach logic and reason, taking each subject deeper. Lastly is rhetoric; where the student is developing ideas and wanting to share them with others. With that in mind, here the student learns how to write well, how to speak well, and how to debate. This is the capstone on the process where the student can bring things together and express themselves thoughtfully.


Redeemer Classical Academy exists to help parents discharge their duties to bring up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Redeemer Classical Academy aims to supplement what parents are already doing in their homeschools. For the present we operate as a limited academy, teaching science, history, fine art, *Latin, *writing and physical education. In addition to teaching this material, we are giving the students an opportunity to learn in a structured and socially-rich environment. This classroom time is a great opportunity for homeschool students to be challenged in a new way.

*offered to select grade levels