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Launched in the fall of 2020, (A crazy time to start a Classical Christian school, I know!) we have grown each year and God has been faithful to bless our efforts. Our vision remains the same from the very beginning: to help home-schooling families provide a robust Classical Christian Education for their children. We employ a hybrid model of education, giving home-schooling families the benefits of classroom learning two days per week, while leaving three days for home-based learning.

As a Classical Christian School, we firmly believe that parents hold the primary responsibility of educating their children. We want parents to feel confident sending their children to the Academy knowing that the teachers share their Christian values and will honour their parental authority. We are committed to working together with parents to provide an excellent education for their students, equipping the next generation to honour and serve God in this world.


At Redeemer Classical Academy you will find a rock-solid commitment to the Historic Christian Faith. We make it our chief aim to teach all things within the framework of a Christian worldview. If education was like baking a cake, then we aren't just taking a public school curriculum cake and sprinkling  chapel and prayers on top. We are baking an entirely different cake. This is education done in Christ, through Christ and for Christ.  Whether Science, Latin, History, or anything else, it is all done in relation to Christ and for His glory (Romans 11:36).


And lastly Redeemer is a Classical Academy. We are recovering older and forgotten tools of learning, namely, the classical model of education. This leads us to provide the students with a robust history curriculum, to acquaint them with objective beauty in the arts and in literature, to teach them challenging subjects like latin, logic, and rhetoric, and to aim in all of these things for excellence. With this model, we are not training more worker bees for the secularist hive, instead we are preparing students to become culture-makers, men and women prepared to think critically and to engage our culture with wisdom and virtue and faith.

Consider starting your family's application today.

Ross Odnokon, Principal

Ross Odnokon, Principal